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Welcome Message from ICAS President
It is with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to the 33rd Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) which will take place in Stockholm in 4–9 September 2022. The ICAS Congress is returning to Stockholm after 32 years. The last time that an ICAS Congress was held in Sweden was in 1990. Our Swedish colleagues are striving to uphold the ICAS tradition of bringing together a global array of topics and participants as the only true international forum that covers the world of aeronautics. The scientific portion of the congress will take place at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, which is a world-class facility, extremely conveniently located and that affords beautiful views of the Stockholm waterfront.

As you are certainly aware, the Covid-19 pandemic has been creating havoc in our industry and it is a life-and-death threat to aviation and the aeronautical industrial complex worldwide. We would like the 33rd ICAS Congress to be a celebration of the resilience of our industry as we, the global aeronautical community, are finding ways to continue to deliver the systems and the value that our customers expect despite the considerably shrunk market, at least for commercial aviation. We hope that the moment of pause, which was necessarily inflicted upon us by this pandemic, will serve as a way of focusing our objectives, improving the technical quality of our work and reminding us that we are part of a global system that requires cooperation and understanding. Therefore, once again, the ideals that guided Theodore von Kármán and all the ICAS pioneers are certainly relevant for us at this difficult time.

As it is usual with the ICAS Congress technical program, we are planning to cover the core aeronautical disciplines such as Aircraft Design, Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Materials and Structures, Systems and Subsystems, and Controls. Moreover, as ICAS has been doing for the last congresses, current topics that address emerging technologies that lead to improved performance, a cleaner or quieter environment, or more agile development processes are also planned for the technical program. However, consistent with the unprecedent times that we are living through, the program will also address technical aspects associated with healthier and safer air circulation conditions inside airplanes, airport procedures and other issues that became relevant throughout the current pandemic. Therefore, you should expect the same usual breadth in the technical program as in all ICAS Congresses, but with some special sessions to address Covid-19 consequences to our aeronautical industry.

We hope to see you in Stockholm in 2022, we encourage you to submit your work for a technical presentation at the congress and we are looking forward to the opportunity of, once again, welcoming our ICAS friends and colleagues to our biennial gathering of the aeronautical sciences, technology and industry.

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