How to upload your congress presentation


The presentation laptops in all session rooms at the Congress center are connected to a central system. We don’t allow use of own laptops!
As speaker you are requested to upload your presentation (PPT or PDF) in advance at the latest by 15:00 the day before your presentation is scheduled. (For Monday presenters by Sunday 18:00).
Do not upload your file until you consider it to be the final version!

Marking of your file.
Your paper ID number followed by the presenter’s name like ICAS2022_0123_FAMILYNAME is mandatory.
To save time we do appreciate if you also add the session numbering up front in the file name. Please check the detailed programme on
Search for your ID by CTRL+F and you will find the session numbering for your paper.

As illustration the third presentation in session 1.1 should be marked: 1.1.3­_ ICAS2022_0123_FAMILYNAME

Uploading options
At the Congress center the room for upload and testing is located on level 2 (room 21). This room will be manned by support people who will help with the upload.
You should bring you file on a USB-stick. In case your company does not allow file transfer by USB you need to send us the file as described below.

As we will have about 550 presentations, to avoid congestion in the upload room, we appreciate if you use the possibility to upload your presentation via Wetransfer as follows:
Send the file by Wetransfer ( to
This is the preferred alternative and when your file has been downloaded, Wetransfer automatically sends you an email confirming this. Please wait a few hours before you ask if your file has been received! In case you get an error message from Wetransfer please forward that message and we can most probably download from that mail.

If you have problem using Wetransfer, please send an email to the same address, and we will provide an alternate way for uploading.
If your file is smaller than 10MB send it by email to:

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