Plenary speakers

Monday 5th September

09:00-10:00 ICAS Daniel & Florence Guggenheim Memorial Lecture:

“Aeronautical Innovation – Swedish and European Perspectives”
Anders Blom – Programme Director, Innovair, Sweden

13:00-14:00 General lecture I:
“Future Airspace – Meeting Demand Through Integration”
Lynne Thompson Hopper – VP Engineering Strategy and Operations, The Boeing Company, USA

Tuesday 6th September

08:00-09:00 General lecture II:
“Towards Certification by Analysis for Flight Characteristics”
Robert Gregg III – Chief Aerodynamicist, The Boeing Company, USA
+ Panel session 10:30-12:00 with Boeing, NASA, DLR, Airbus, + (EASA; FAA)

13:00-14:00 ICAS Enoch Thulin Lecture for Innovation in Aeronautics
“Implementation of active flutter suppression into the aircraft MDO process”.
Eli Livne – Professor, University of Washington, USA

Wednesday 7th September

 08:00-10:00 General lecture III: Panel session “Towards Sustainable Air Transport”
Moderator: Ric Parker, ISABE President

Frank Haselbach
, Senior Vice President & Head of Propulsion Engineering, Airbus, France
“ The Airbus way” (title tbc)

Brian Yutko, Vice President and Chief Engineer Sustainability and Future Mobility, Boeing, US
“The Boeing way” (title tbc)

Fabienne Lacorre, VP Commercial Development Programs, Safran Aircraft Engine Company, France
“CFM RISE – Revolutionary innovation for sustainable engines demonstration programme perspectives”

Russ Dunn – CTO, GKN Aerospace, UK
“The route to zero CO2 emission aviation from a leading 1st tier partner perspective”

13:00-13:45 General lecture IV:
“Developing and Flying the Gripen E”
Marcus Wandt – Chief Test Pilot, Saab, Sweden

Thursday 8th September

08:00-09:30 General lecture V:  ICAS/IFAR Lecture/Panel:
“Transforming Aviation towards Zero Emission – to mitigate the climate impact”
Ibrahim Yimer, NRC Canada; Bruno Sainjon, ONERA France; Marcus Fischer, DLR Germany; Petter Krus, SARC Sweden

16:00-17:00 ICAS von Karman Lecture:
“The Clean Sky programme and achievements”
Axel Krein – Executive Director Clean Aviation

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