Technical Tours

Technical tours are planned to be arranged on Friday 9th September as outlined below. 

Saab in Linköping including a visit to the Air Force Museum Innovative Materials Arena (IMA)
A full-day tour with bus travel to Linköping (2 hours from Stockholm), including a visit to the Saab facilities in Linköping. Saab is well known for developing many generations of military aircraft and its commuter aircraft Saab 340 and Saab 2000. Saab has, together with Boeing, developed the new T-7A Red Hawk trainer. Saab Aeronautics today offers advanced airborne systems, related subsystems, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), aerostructures, and services to defense customers and commercial aerospace industries worldwide. Read more about Saab in the chapter Aeronautics in Sweden.
Changed plans May 2022: It turns out that the Air Force Museum has closed for renovation! The replacement will be a visit to the newly established Innovative Materials Arena (IMA), where also Linköping University will be represented.
The number of visitors is limited to about 100, in two buses.
The price for this tour including lunch will be 600 SEK (= 60 EUR) VAT included.
As indicated below the participants in the tour were selected after the Early Bird deadline June 15.

ATC Arlanda – Remote Tower Centre
A half-day tour to Visit Arlanda Remote Tower Centre at the Stockholm main airport – located 40 km north of Stockholm. The Remote Tower Centre Stockholm remotely controls four Swedish airports. The Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider (LFV) and Saab were the first in the world to put remote air traffic control towers into operation. Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions developed the system LFV operates at Arlanda. A second Remote Tower Centre is located at Sundsvall Airport, where Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions, SDATS, is the service provider and operates two Swedish airports. Only available for a small group.
Message 2022-05-23: We have today been informed that the visit to ATC Arlanda – Remote Tower Centre must be cancelled due to increased security restrictions at the airport.

Please indicate your interest in the technical tours to Linköping and Arlanda ATC when you register. Please note that participation may be restricted for security reasons.
The participants will be selected after the Early Bird deadline June 15 and will then receive an email with more information and a link for final confirmation and payment.

GKN Aerospace Engine Systems in Trollhättan
Trollhättan is located 400 km west of Stockholm at the lake Vänern.
GKN Aerospace Engine Systems, located in Trollhättan, Sweden (formerly Volvo Aero) develops and manufactures components for aircraft, gas turbines and rocket engines with high technology content in cooperation with the world’s leading producers. Read more about GKN Aerospace Engine Systems in the chapter Aeronautics in Sweden.


Trollhättan is also the city where the Saab cars were produced from 1946-2011. If you are interested in Saab cars, we recommend a visit to the Saab car museum in Trollhättan.

Important information about the possibility to visit GKN:
The tour to GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan, originally planned as a day trip on Friday 9th September, has for various reasons become difficult to arrange.

For congress participants who have professional contacts with GKN and want to visit, a post-congress tour can be arranged. You may then for example travel to Gothenburg by train (3 hours) during the weekend. The visit to GKN in Trollhättan can be arranged on Monday September 12. On the way to Trollhättan, from Gothenburg (a one-hour drive) a stop could be made at Brogren Industries, an SME company that is a GKN supplier.

The visit to GKN will comprise presentations of aerospace activities at GKN Aerospace Engine Systems as well as a visit to PTC Innovatum, a research arena for industrial production processes R&D on metallic and composite aerospace products also located in Trollhättan.

If you are interested to take part in such a post-congress tour to Trollhättan please send an email to


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