Plenary speakers NY

Monday 5th September

09:00-10:00 ICAS Daniel & Florence Guggenheim Memorial Lecture:
“Aeronautical Innovation – Swedish and European Perspectives”
Anders Blom – Programme Director, Innovair, Sweden

17:00-18:00 General lecture I:
“Future Airspace – Meeting Demand Through Integration”
Lynne Thompson Hopper – VP Engineering Strategy and Operations, The Boeing Company, USA

Tuesday 6th September

08:00-09:00 General lecture II:
“Towards Certification by Analysis for Flight Characteristics”
Robert Gregg III – Chief Aerodynamicist, The Boeing Company, USA

13:00-13:45 ICAS Enoch Thulin Lecture for Innovation in Aeronautics
“Implementation of active flutter suppression into the aircraft MDO process”.
Eli Livne – Professor, University of Washington, USA

Wednesday 7th September

08:00-10:00 General lecture III: Panel session “Towards Sustainable Air Transport”
Frank Haselbach, Senior Vice President & Head of Propulsion Engineering, Airbus, France
“ The Airbus way” (title tbc)

Speaker from Boeing TBD
“The Boeing way” (title tbc)

Fabienne Lacorre, VP Commercial Development Programs, Safran Aircraft Engine Company, France
“CFM RISE – Revolutionary innovation for sustainable engines demonstration programme perspectives”

Russ Dunn – CTO, GKN Aerospace, UK
“The route to zero CO2 emission aviation from a leading 1st tier partner perspective”


18:00-18:45 General lecture IV:
“Developing and Flying the Gripen E”
Marcus Wandt – Chief Test Pilot, Saab, Sweden

Thursday 8th September

08:00-09:30 General lecture V:
IFAR Lecture/Panel: “Transforming Aviation towards Zero Emission”

16:00-17:00 ICAS von Karman Lecture:
“The Clean Sky programme and achievements” (title tbc)
Axel Krein et al, Clean Sky Team


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